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1. CHONG KIM CHIEW (b. 1975)


Chong graduated in 2001 from the Guongzhou Academy of Fine Art in China, majoring in Oil Painting. He focuses mainly in his art making, art critic practice and teaching. He has exhibited actively since 1994 and held his first solo show- Isolation House, at RAP in July 2005.



2. CHUAH CHONG YONG (b. 1972)


Chuah received his art training from the Malaysia Institute of Art in year 1991-1993.

Chuah’s initial subject was related to pre-war buildings, and preservation of cultural values and identity. He explores different art forms, and also collaborates with art practitioners of different disciplines.




3. LIEW TECK LEONG (b. 1970)


Liew was trained in painting at the Malaysia Institute of Art. Besides practicing art, he is also a college art instructor, and writes as guest-reviewer occasionally. Liew’s arts are mainly comments on social, cultural and political issues. His debut solo Anxiety Landscape was held at RAP in September 2004.



4. LIM KOK YOONG (b.1980)


AKA Wing, Lim received his Master degree in Fine Arts from Norwich School of Art and Design, in the UK in 2005. He lectures on New Media subjects at the Multimedia University, but with art practice ranges from painting to more critically, conceptual work in form of installation and performance.


5. PHUAN THAI MENG ((b. 1974)


A painting graduate from the Malaysia Institute of Art in 1996, Phuan has won numerous awards including Juror’s Choice in 2000 and Honorable Mention in 2003 for the Philip Morris Malaysian – Asean Art Awards. Active in organizing events and projects, he has also involved in theatre installation design and production.




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